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In Whitefield’s brave and bold series, she follows in the venerable and vulnerable footsteps of artists like Jo Spence, Helen Chadwick and Hannah Wilke, who chartered their bodies’ visceral experiences through photographs.”

Cherry Smyth , Poet and Art Critic

Hysterectic is a unique photographic project that creatively interprets one woman’s  journey through a hysterectomy operation.  It challenges conventional perception and asks questions as to how, with imagination and creativity, a woman can take some personal control over this often traumatic medical procedure on the feminine body and psyche. The work shines a light on this major, yet commonplace womans’ operation and promotes the use of the arts as a tool for transformation and recovery.

The accompanying limited edition art book Hysterectic, winner of the UK Mc Naughton Review Award in 2010, can be bought online here.

In an original and powerful way it blends stark and beautiful photographs with elements of Hysteria, Hippocrates and Poetry.

Designed by Thought Collective, Belfast.


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