Travelling in a Strange Land

A Collaboration with David Park

  • So now is the time this thing must be done. Now is the time to start this final journey.
  • My own son’s hands, the physical embodiment of the life I have helped bring into the world. Nothing has ever matched the strength of that awareness.
  • So just for a few seconds I'm mindful of all the people who've made this same journey and the passengers around me are replaced by a silent collage...of all the women carrying sadness in their wombs forced to seek help far from family and home.
  • You become a shadow that moves across the house then fades into missing days.
  • Sometimes I don't think I want to go home, go anywhere, but instead make some new kind of life hidden in these streets and passageways.
  • I glimpse him in many places, always fleetingly and never long enough for me to raise my hand and call out to him.
  • And I have come to understand the truth of what Ansel Adams said that you don’t make a photograph just with a camera but that you bring to the act all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard and the people you have loved.


 Travelling In A Strange Land is a creative collaboration with the highly acclaimed writer David Park.  It is my artistic response to his upcoming novel of the same title, which will be published by Bloomsbury in March 2018. The works explore a reflective journey through the themes of familial love and loss.

The images captured reveal both a tenderness and a sense of intellectual strength. In the external world portrayed and the shadowed interiors of the heart, her eye has captured again and again what I have struggled to express in words.” David Park

When David and I first met we shared the influence on our work of the photographer Bill Brandt and his passion for shadows and light. So with that connection and armed with an old Mamiya camera, I set out to bring the central character’s love of the art of photography alive as well as bringing my own personal response to his story.

I have worn it like a coat, resonating with its themes:  from the struggles of being a parent, the feelings of estrangement that follow loss to the discovery of light and beauty out of the darkness.  

These images are just a selection from a body of twenty photographs that will be exhibited as part of the John Hewitt Summer School in July 2018 at the Market Place Theatre, Armagh.  

“And I’ve decided I’m going to show the photographs I shot on those nights and perhaps they’ll be my final offering to you if you’ll only accept them and know that each of those steps was taken with love”.  (Excerpt from Travelling in a Strange Land)